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Suzhou  Wortel  Precision  Mold  Machinery  Co.Ltd.  is  a professional manufacturer that is concerned with the design, developmentand production of aluminum profile extrusion mold.We are located in Shiqiao Industrial Park, Suzhou City; next to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing.The geographical position is superior.

We are specializing  in various types of industrial  profiles,automotive  aluminum  profiles,  electronic  radiator  profiles, cylinder pipe profiles, doors and windows profiles, unit curtain wall profiles and other extrusion molds. We are in the leading level of the porous mold and the rapid pressure reduction mold industry. Our annual capacity is more thantwenty thousand sets. The largest production is 1 meter in diameter. In line with  “the leading technology, the fastest speed, the perfect quality, the best service ”business philosophy,  adhere  to  the “excellent technology, exquisite products”  quality policy, we always keep on towards the  "with our continuous efforts, let our products tisfy our customers"  quality objectives.

With the business philosophyof  ″Honesty Fast, High Quality″,we are trying our best to give high-quality products for clients both at home and abroad.

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